Thursday, April 30, 2009

Eco-Friendly and DIY Centerpieces

Green has become the hottest color for weddings, not only the color green, which as been popular for a while, but the attitude of minimizing the environmental impact.

As we celebrated Earth Day earlier this month, here are a few examples of what a green wedding could look like when it comes to floral decor.

* Simple is Beautiful-- Less is really more. Left: Locally grown yellow roses and green mums nestled in a glass container "framed" by the pristine glass rim--as opposed to having flowers flowing out of the container. Right: The power of repetition is best demonstrated here with simple cymbidium orchid display and candles in multiples.

yellow centerpiece
* Support Local Growers and Use In Season Flowers--Check out these dahlia arrangements in gorgeous vibrant colors--all from a local grower. Dahlias have gained tremendous popularity for summer and early fall weddings.

dahlia centerpiece
* Potted Plant DIY Centerpiece--Potted plant are the simplest and most stress free DIY centerpiece a bride can make for the wedding. Not only will the plants live well beyond, the DIY could be done well before the wedding, unlike fresh floral arrangements. Here are two examples from two savvy brides we had last year. One choose to use different succulents in various greens and added small ceramic bird, a motive found in the invitation and program, another choose orchids of various striking colors.

wedding flower DIY
DIY centerpiece
Floral Design:
Grandiflora, except for the DIY pieces

Photo Credit:
Ed Pingol Photography
Jennifer Skog Photography

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