Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wedding Gown Alternatives

Wedding has increasingly become a more personalized experience throughout recent years. It is no longer "what we should do" as in accord to traditions, but "what we want to do to make it our very own journey". Many couples prefer to think out of the box, and brides are now more open to wearing gowns that are less than traditional.

High end retails or department stores such as Saks and Neiman Marcus always carry fantastic designer gowns in the evening wear section. I came across the following gowns while browsing Neiman Marcus' sales section online, and was amazed by the price tags.

Here are my favs, and all are made of silk or chiffon. Silk and chiffon are natural materials, and hence a green alternative to synthetics such as polyester, other wise know as satin. What more amazing then the fabrics used in these gowns are the price points, all under $300. It is almost impossible to find a wedding gown in natural fabric that is less $1500 or $2000 in a bridal salon.

castle green wedding
This gown by Aidan Mattox combines a statement bib necklace with a Grecian-inspired silhouette. All that you need to add is perhaps a pair of simple earrings. $252. Image & Source: Neiman Marcus.

altadena town and country wedding
If "something blue" is what you must have, this is a gorgeous alternative to the bridal white. Don't you just love the ribbon details on the shoulder? This silk and chiffon Aidan Mattox gown is friendly priced at $264. Image & Source: Neiman Marcus.

gown less than 1000
Another one-shoulder silhouette that as become all the rage. I especially adore the pleating details around the bodice. Design by Xeniya and constructed in silk, this gown is priced at $210. Image & Source: Neiman Marcus.

wedding gown city hall wedding
Just the perfect short gown for a city hall ceremony or elopement. The origami-liked bow is a great departure from a typical bow as we know it, and provides just enough drama without going over the top. Constructed in silk and designed by Robert Rodriguez. $297. Image & Source: Neiman Marcus.


Dina said...

Love the big, showy necklaces being used with wedding gowns these days!

David Johanson said...

I love the top dress -- simple and elegant.

Beth said...

I love the 1 shoulder style -- its so elegant!